Рекомендации и ответы на вопросы на сайте не заменят помощь квалифицированного врача и не могут рассматриваться как руководство к действию!

Портал о мужском здоровье. У нас Вы найдете полезную информацию о причинах, симптомах, профилактике и способах лечения мужских заболеваний.


PIC FROM CATERS NEWS — Meet Alice Halstead, the only 18-year-old of her kind in the world, who has never got drunk, gone clubbing or stayed out late — because of a one in 6.7BILLION condition. While most girls her age are out chasing boys and discovering pubs and bars, she faces every night in a hospital for the rest of her life. The condition she has is completely unique and baffled doctors have asked around the globe about any other known sufferers, only to be told there are none. She suffers from an extreme form of diabetes, which has led to severe health complications and completely changed her life. This Christmas will be Alice’s third in hospital and the brave teenager has spent the last two and a half years in hospital. PICTURED: Alice having a Plasma exchange in 2007. SEE CATERS COPY.

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